A friendly place to meet new people all over the world! The place is good for any kind of traveler. You will never feel lonely even if you’re travel alone.

First I want to talk about the crew, each and everybody who work here is so nice and friendly, I felt that I can ask them anything and they will provide me an answer.

The atmosphere here is really nice and chill. There are many creative paints that make you feel like you are in the coolest place in the world.

The place have 40 beds which to my opinion is the perfect amount of people, not too many and not too less. You can know everybody and hang around together at the rooftop.

Now let’s get to the reel business: the bed in the dorms. OMG! I felt like I’m sleeping on a cloud. The bed is a bit bigger from a normal bad which allows you to move all night long without the feeling of falling out.

Moving on the bathroom, there’s hot water 247. Even if you’re coming in the middle of the might you can enjoy a spaced area to take a proper shower. And you don’t even need to bring your own cheap shampoo, the hostel provides you body soap and shampoo.

Last but not least I would like to talk about the location. Many people come to Colombo for one night then take a flight to their next destination or a but to anywhere in Sri Lanka. I haven’t met many people that styed and that’s a shame. The city have many nice places to hang around and you can enjoy at least 2-3 nights in here. Besides, the hostel is so chill that you won’t want to leave.