Miracle city inn, to my opinion it is the best hostel  in Colombo!!. I’m a backpacker after a 4.5 month trip and it was the perfect place to spend a few nights in very high conditions. First off all, the staff!! My friend and I came before the place even officially open, they welcomed us so kindly, and agreed to host us in any case. They explained us of all the things that we should see in Sri Lanka (They have a travel agency as well so they really know a lot), and really took care of us. More than that, they taught about everything when it comes to the design of the place and the little things that you wish to have as a guest. The place is super clean, everything smells good, the beds are perfect, there big , and the mattress is absolutely amazing, I felt like I’m in my home again. There is a kitchen here for who wish to  cook (I’m vegan so it was perfect to me). Bottom line, if you have a night to spend in Colombo you should defiantly come to Miracle city inn!!!